Our kids group is created to educate our youth, ages 5-13, about the paranormal. This group will teach kids how to protect themselves if they ever encounter the afterlife and is a support group if a child that has already encountered the afterlife. We will meet once a month for about an hour. Please contact us for more information.

Have you, or your child, seen things in the dark that shouldn't be there? Do you hear noises that can't be explained?

Kids are more perceptible to seeing more then adults do. Adults have already made up their minds what they want to believe and don't want to believe. We tend to shut things out. Kids are still venerable and don't understand what all is going on around them. This is why kids have more experiences with the paranormal. Kids with special needs are more app to have these experiences.  

Some of our team have been dealing with the paranormal for most of our lives and are reaching out to help those kids in need. It can be a scary thing to deal with alone. We are here to not only to help kids but the whole family. Please contact us if you are in need of our help!


*If you email us please check your email often for we may need more info from you. Thank You!*

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