We are a group that has a passion to help others and the paranormal. Our goal is to help with all of your paranormal needs. We have teamed up with a demonologist and a priest for our more extreme cases.

Sacred Crow Paranormal does not charge for our services but fees could apply if other services are needed. These fees and serves are not reflected or controled by SCP in any way. We only refre them to you when we feel that they maybe needed, you have the right to decline such serves. 

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to collect data that will lead to better understanding of spirits and hauntings.

We consistently work to obtain real evidence of the existence of spirits and to maintain a professional approach in showing of such evidence dealing with or understanding a situation we plan to help educate the individual as to the true nature of their situation and give them information and understanding necessary to create a resolution for the person and spirit. We will assist anyone who cannot live with their situation or put them in contact with trained professionals who will assist them. We are opened minded to all theories and methods as this is still not an exact science.

All in the field of the paranormal learns as we go. In the end we will collect the necessary proof and field tested theories that are important to bringing the subject of the paranormal in to the main stream. We do not charge anyone for investigations and make no profits.

The meaning behind our name.

The Native Americans believe that crows can travel between the physical and the spiritual worlds.  And are known to take people to the spirit world.

Sacred means:  dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity, entitled to reverence and respect,  highly valued and important.